Woodcote Rally 13-14 July 2013

2017 Trade Applications Open

For the trader, Woodcote offers a well-organised, friendly venue with proven pulling power - seeing attendances of 12,000 – 16,000 over the past three years. We offer:

• A marked out, labelled pitch with a depth of 30 feet and a frontage of at least 12 feet, charged at a competitive rate per foot of frontage for the weekend

• A central position on the field, in full view of the public entrances.

• A laid out market site that provides walkways to keep the public circulating with the option of internal or external corner sites for stalls that can open on two sides (corner sites available at small additional surcharge).

• We carefully monitor the range of products each trader supplies to prevent an excess of stalls with similar or identical goods so we can encourage a wide range of offerings for our visitors, and you know that you won’t be competing with lots of stalls, all offering the same.

• Representatives from the Rally organisers to welcome you on check in and available for any queries.

We welcome professional traders, larger organisations or small businesses selling goods or promoting their services. We also welcome a limited number of charity stands, however, it should be noted that first choice will be given to local charities and that charitable collections anywhere on the field are strictly prohibited in addition to any other form of fundraising without the prior agreement with the organisers in advance.

All stall-holders must have at least £5 million public liability insurance for the weekend. You must also comply with any other statutory regulations that may apply to you and the rules of the Rally. Your insurance will be checked, and it is certain that we will be inspected by the Health and Safety Executive.

If you would like further details about the trade stands, or require an application pack then please email traders@woodcoterally.org.uk.


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Woodcote Rally 13-14 July 2013