Woodcote Rally 13-14 July 2013

Woodcote Rally 2016 Donations Evening

The Donations Evening was held in Woodcote Village Hall on Friday 25th November 2016. This event makes it all worthwhile for the Rally Committee and Association members as they see how all their voluntary efforts and hard work have paid off. 


Following the introduction by Mr Peter Solomons (Woodcote Charitable Association Chairman), he and Mr Nic Bartholomew (Woodcote Rally Director) presented the awards to the best in class for the exhibits at Woodcote Rally 2016. The class winners received their trophies showing their huge interest in the preservation of vintage transport including cars, motor bikes, commercial vehicles, and, of course, steam engines. 

Examples of the awards are as follows and the full list is available on our website www.woodcoterally.org.uk.  

The Ran Hawthorne Memorial Shield for large steam was awarded to Dave Roberts for his 1935 Sentinel S4 Steam Wagon. 

The George Ballard Memorial Award for Veteran and Vintage Cars was awarded to Brian Poulton for his 1938 Triumph Dolomite. 

The Dick Vernon Memorial Award for tractors went to Nick Gibson for a 1957 Ferguson FE35. 

A new award for this year was the Albert Goldsmith Award for motorbikes in recognition of Albert’s long serving contributions to the Woodcote Charitable Association. His widow, Sylvia, gave this new award to Geoff Pratt of Woodcote for his 1932 Peugeot P108. 

The complete list of Awards can be found here


Following a short interlude for refreshments, kindly provided by the Woodcote Village Hall Committee, members of the Woodcote Charitable Association Trustees went on to conduct the all-important part of the evening by presenting cheques to local charities and organisation. Here are just a few of the highlights: 

 Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue service will use their donation to support injured fire-fighters, particularly those in our local area. 

 Woodcote Youth Club will provide activities for the youngsters of the village. 

 OWL (Our Woodcote Library) to buy new books to keep the library fresh and up to date. 

 Mowforth House will provide Christmas Lunch for their residents at the Highwayman.  

 Friends of Woodcote Primary School will help provide a learning and play zone at the front of the school.  

 Woodcote Village Green Committee will use their donation to replace trees on the Village Green. 

This is how some of the donations have totalled up over the years out of the £456,500 donated since 1964: 

£40,770Woodcote Village Hall
£19,280Woodcote/Goring Medical Centre
£15,465Woodcote Village Green 
£13,940Langtree School 
£11,675Woodcote Youth Club 
£10,965St Leonard’s Church 

The complete list can be found by clicking here.


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Woodcote Rally 13-14 July 2013