Woodcote Rally 13-14 July 2013
Advance Ticket Sales

We've extended these now to Sunday 08 July but this is the very latest we can do as after this date we can't guarantee being able to deliver them to you.

So far to date we've had around 1,600 pounds of pre-booked sales at the reduced rate so make the most of the last day to pre-book your tickets as you can make a significant reduction by booking in advance and with the weather forecast for the next 7 days you're guaranteed a great day out without weather interruptions.


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Day One of the set up (and the Weather has been very hot!)

Today we have started the setup for next week's Woodcote Rally.

We've made major progress despite the really high temperatures currently being experienced. We've laid out a lot of the field and will continue more tomorrow.

We've even dug the hole already for the toilets 

 And then one of our local engine drivers tried to turn up but gave up when he realised we weren't quite open yet. So he stopped at our local pub, the Red Lion in the village centre.



Posted on 06 Jul 2013 by the Publicity Officer
Advance Ticket Sales
Due to the fantastic response we've had so far to advanced ticket sales we are extending the period when you can apply for advance tickets until Friday 07 July 2013 - just one week before our 50th Anniversary Rally starts. Book your tickets now in advance and save that extra money so that you can spend even more at the event!
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Woodcote Library

Woodcote Library have a display of past Woodcote Rally programmes and a good selection of books that might appeal to rally goers... for instance 'The Greart Dorset Steam Fair by Paulk Stratford, The Steam Tractor Encyclopedia by John Spalding, Tractors of the World by Mirco De Cet as well as books that children might like ..How to draw Trucks and Tractors, the Story of Tractor and lots more.


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Woodcote Air Show - Flying Program


1:30 BBMF Fly Past

3:30 Aerobatic Display featuring Tiger Moth and Nanchang

6:30 Hot Air Balloons


3:45 Aerobatic Display by Spitfire and Hurricane from BBMF

Posted on 29 Jun 2013 by the Publicity Officer
The Rally Sign Production Team

A sure sign that Woodcote Rally is drawing ever closer is those orange signs you will soon see around the area, that are now ready thanks to some of the committee members work yesterday.

Posted on 16 Jun 2013 by the Publicity Officer
On Line Ticket Sales

The Woodcote Rally is now just a mere 4 weeks away - where has the time gone!

Just a quick reminder that our on-line ticket sales will cease at the end of the June and then the 25% discount will end as on-line tickets will not be available after that date as we can't guarantee to get them to you in time if you try and buy them after that date.


So hurry up and buy your advance tickets before the end of June to guarantee your savings. Advance family tickets are an even better savings.


Make your savings now by booking your advance tickets at http://www.woodcoterally.org.uk/Shop/index.html

Otherwise the "normal on the day prices" will apply.

We look forward to seeing at this year's 50th Anniversary Woodcote Rally


Posted on 12 Jun 2013 by the Publicity Officer

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Woodcote Rally 13-14 July 2013