Woodcote Rally 13-14 July 2013
Steam Driven Popcorn Maker

New to this year's Woodcote Rally is the country's only surviving steam driven Popcorn Maker. Starring in the Craft and Country Area, come along and get your steam driven popcorn from Lee Hammond from Cheltenham.

Posted on 05 May 2014 by the Publicity Officer
Whitchurch Bridge (Access to Woodcote Rally 2014)

Please note that the Whitchurch Bridge between Pangbourne on the south side of the Thames and Whitchurch-on -Thames on the north side of the Thames will remain closed for refurbishment until September 2014 (see the statement on the Whitchurch bridge website issued today for further details http://www.whitchurchbridge.com/WBCStatement13Mar2014Web.pdf

As a result of this if you are intending to attend this year's Woodcote Rally over the weekend of 12-13 July 2014 as a visitor or exhibitor and normally make your way to Woodcote via the Whitchurch Bridge in Pangbourne then you will need to take an alternative route.

The only alternative routes from the south of the Thames are via Goring-on-Thames in the West or Reading in the East.

The severe wet weather and flooding over the last three months has meant that no bridge refurbishment work has been possible by Whitchurch Bridge Company and its contractors. See their site above for details.

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Woodcote Rally 2014
The 2014 Woodcote  Rally will be held over the weekend of 12 and 13 July.

We are pleased to confirm that the prices for public entry in 2014 will remain the same as the entry prices for 2013 and advanced, on-line purchases will again be available at a significant discount to the "on the day" prices.

For 2014 we are offering a new ticket so that those people who want to attend on both days will be able to buy a weekend ticket at an even greater discount to the daily admission prices.

These tickets will only be available to purchase through our website and will not be available at the Rally field.

Prices are:

Adult 15.00 pounds

Child 7.50 pounds

Concession 12.00 pounds

(Note: you will get 2 tickets for each weekend ticket ordered. One to be used on Saturday and the other on Sunday.)

Thanks to all our supporters in 2013 which enabled our massive donations of 31,800 pounds to the our local charities and worth good causes.

Posted on 30 Jan 2014 by the Publicity Officer
Hearing Dogs for the Deaf

Following our donation of 400 pounds to Hearing Dogs for the Deaf we are now the proud sponsors of Pepe, a puppy currently undergoing training.

 Puppy Pepe

Date of birth: 29 May 2013

Sex: Male

Breed: Cocker spaniel

Colour: Liver

Currently living with: Socialising volunteer, Tracey.

Pepe's story:

Pepe is a very special puppy. He is one of seven pups that had to be hand reared from birth with the support of their volunteer foster mum and a supervisor from the breeding scheme. Fortunately, all of the pups survived and little Pepe is a healthy, happy chap.

He is living with volunteer socialiser, Tracey, in Buckinghamshire and is the fourth dog she has looked after. Tracey describes Pepe as "a joy to look after and absolutely gorgeous" and says "he adores cuddles". He also loves helping out with the gardening, which usually involves nibbling the plants his favourite being fuschias! When he's not exploring in the garden, Pepe enjoys playing with his four ragga toys, and he has a habit of rounding up his toys up and putting them in his bed.

During a recent kitchen refurbishment, Pepe found a new place to sleep in one of the cupboards that was waiting for a new door. Tracey found him snuggled up in there, but he was more than happy to come out for a cuddle and go back to his bed.

Pepe has now been on a trip to the park, and he walked on a lead down a little lane to get there. He absolutely loves running around off his lead and meeting lots of other 'big' dogs and Tracey says that he wags his tail like mad when they go out.

Training Progress: Pepe will attend puppy classes at our training centre in Saunderton, with puppy trainer Kelly.

At home, Pepe has already picked up some basic commands such as 'sit' with lots of encouragement from Tracey. He will do anything for a treat so this will no doubt come in handy with his training.

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Woodcote Rally Presentation Evening 2013
This year we have given away a record 31,800 to local charities and worthy good causes bringing our year to date total (since 1964) to a whopping 400,000. Full details will appear on the website shortly.
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Lost Property Handed in over the Rally Weekend





            Photo Driving Licence



            Children's sunhats

            Child's pink fleece

            Little girl's sandal


            Leather wallet

            Hard glasses case

            Camera case with belt loop

            Binocular eyepiece cover

            Sun lotion

            Child's toy camera

            Fabric covered button

            Child's hair slide

            SD card with SatNav



Please note that all the above lost property, unless claimed, will be retained by the Rally Secretary up to and including Woodcote Rally 2014 after which time it will be disposed of

Posted on 06 Oct 2013 by the Webmaster
Woodcote Rally has now finished

Thanks to everyone who attended this years Woodcote Rally to celebrate our 50th Anniversary. We really hoped you enjoyed it.

We'd really love any feedback so please e-mail me with any comments, both good and bad, so that we can do even better for next year's Rally being held on 12 and 13 July 2014.

My e-mail address is publicity@woodcoterally.org.uk


Here's a little reminder of what the site looked like: 

 (Thanks to Russ Cleaver whose gyrocopter took this photo on Sunday afternoon)

Posted on 15 Jul 2013 by the Publicity Officer

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Woodcote Rally 13-14 July 2013