Woodcote Rally 13-14 July 2013
Saturday at the Rally

Please find below some shots from Saturday at Woodcote Rally. (The aerial photos are courtesy of Russell Cleaver with his clever little aerocopter.) These were taken just before noon and as you can see the first car park was full and the second one quickly  filling up. Later in the afternoon it got much busier and the Rally Field was very busy with people viewing everything that was going on.

Come tomorrow, if you haven't been already, to catch up on what you've missed out on. 


Posted on 12 Jul 2014 by the Publicity Officer
Just One Day to Go

The Rally Field is really filling up now as the exhibitors start to arrive ready for tomorrow's 51st Woodcote Rally

Posted on 11 Jul 2014 by the Publicity Officer
2 Days to go

We continue to finalise the build up for this year's Woodcote Rally and the great news is that the beer has finally arrived and is in place ready for Friday night's opening session for the village before the Rally actually starts on Saturday.

Posted on 10 Jul 2014 by the Publicity Officer
3 Days to go

The Rally build up continues and we are well ahead of ourselves compared to where we normally are at this stage - so much so that we can hopefully spend most of the next two days down the pub! (Unfortunately the beer for the beer tent is still to arrive so we can't go there!)

Anyway some of our exhibitors have already arrived and are setting up camp in the steam/tractor area.

Posted on 09 Jul 2014 by the Publicity Officer
4 Days to

The marquees have arrived and been erected today.

The small one on the far left is the exhibitors reception tent whilst the large one on the left is the all important craft tent (so my wife instructs me to tell you!). The large one on the right is the most important of all - the beer tent - unfortunately no beer in it yet but I'm sure the SOX CAMRA boys will have it well stocked in time for Friday night's opening of the Woodcote Festival of Ales for the local villagers to enjoy the odd drop or two to mark the start of the 2014 Woodcote Rally

You can see the updated beer list on The Festival of Ale tab on the website or you can download a copy here:


Posted on 08 Jul 2014 by the Publicity Officer
5 Days to go

Tonight we had the fun of moving the cows out of the field where your cars are going to be parked - hopefully the cow pats will have dried up by weekend!


And the fun fare started arriving today

Posted on 07 Jul 2014 by the Publicity Officer
6 days to go

And we're nearly there already.

All the vehicle lines and working areas are complete. Just need to sort out the country, craft and children's areas now. We're well ahead of ourselves.

And our first Steam Engine trying out the Main Ring with the soon to be demolished Didcot Power Station in the background

Posted on 06 Jul 2014 by the Publicity Officer

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Woodcote Rally 13-14 July 2013